Chema Rodriguez's TheRailroad All Stars will open the13th Hot Docs Toronto International Documentary Film Festival on April 28.

The Spanish title, whichpremiered at the Berlinale, tells of the efforts of Guatemalan prostitutes whoform a football team in an effort to raise awareness and support.

It's one of 99 titlesannounced today, including the world premiere of American Fugitive: TheTruth About Hassan, by Quebecoisfilmmaker Jean-Daniel Lafond, the story of US assassin David Belfield who haslived in exile in Iran for 25 years and remains on the FBI most-wanted list forthe 1980 murder of an associate of the late Shah of Iran.

Hot Docs director ofprogramming Sean Farnel told Screendaily the festival aims to provide aplatform for new Canadian work while providing what he calls "a summary of thebest of the current season [of documentary production]."

Other Canadian worldpremieres include Patricio Heriquez's The Dark Side Of The White Lady, a look at a Chilean naval ship used as a torturecentre during the Pinochet years, and Martyr Street, from Shelley Saywell, a view of one of the mostdangerous streets in the world, located as it is in the midst of Hebron and theheart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The festival's SpecialPresentations including the North American premiere of Atom Egoyan's Citadel, shot by the Canadian filmmaker during a familyvacation to Lebanon, described as "provocative journal hinging on hisrelationship with actress Arsinee Khanjian"; and the international premiere ofSteve Anderson's Fuck, a filmabout the world's most popular obscenity which was recently picked up byTHINKFilm.

Also making internationalpremieres are Nick Broomfield's return to South African neo-Nazidom, His BigWhite Self, and Sundance titles TheWorld According To Sesame Street, fromUS filmmakers Linda Goldstein Knowlton and Linda Hawkins Costigan, and A LionIn The House, from US filmmakersSteven Bognar and Julia Reichert, a portrait of lives of families coping withchildren dying of cancer.

Also screening is Andrew Neel's and Luke Meyer's Darkon, a story of medieval role-playing gamers in suburbanBaltimore; the film won the audience prize at the recent SXSW Festival.

Other world premieres are TheBeach Boys, from Israel's HoniHameagel, an unconventional portrait of masculinity and ethnicity, and WalkingTo Werner, in which US directorLinas Philips walks 1200 miles of the Pacific Coast Highway to meet his filmidol Werner Herzog, famous himself for his epic walking trips.

As previously announced,Herzog is the subject of this year's filmmaker tribute and the recipient of its2006 Outstanding Achievement Award.

Also previously announcedis the retrospective of the work of Quebecois filmmaker Serge Giguere andsidebars on documentary production in France and Japan. Larry Weinstein's Mozartballs, a light-hearted tribute to the composer originallycommissioned for Mozart's 250th anniversary, will open the festival'sCanadian Spectrum Programme.

The festival will also debuta new professional development initiative, The Doc Lab, with Canadiandocumentarian Kevin McMahon leading the inaugural workshop of ten to fifteenmid-career documentary writers and directors.

The festival's alliedToronto Documentary Forum will see 30 pre-selected international projectpresentations pitched to a number of key international broadcasters.