Singapore's MediaCorpRaintree Pictures has started the camera rolling for The Maid, a horror flick co-produced by Hong Kong's Dream MovieEntertainment and MovPix International of the Philippines.

The $830,000 (S$1.4m) filmis horror story viewed through the eyes of a Filipino domestic maid employed bya family in Singapore. Up-and-coming Filipino actress Alessandra de Rossi (Small Voices) plays the title role ofthe maid.

The Maid,scheduled for a December release, is written and directed by local film critic-turned-directorKelvin Tong. His 1999 debut Eating Airwon the FIPRESCI prize at the 2000 Stockholm International Film Festival. He isalso attached to direct Kamera, aJapanese horror flick about a cursed camera.

The Maid is MediaCorp Raintree's first regional collaborationwith both the Philippines and Hong Kong. It is also the second title producedunder the 10-movie memorandum of understanding between MediaCorp Raintree andSingapore's Media Development Authority.

After working on the popularhorror movie The Eye and its sequel,MediaCorp Raintree CEO Daniel Yun says that he feels confident of making ahorror film in a local Singapore setting but infused with foreign elements.

Meanwhile, Singapore hasalso been the setting for the 45 day shoot of English language drama Cages. The $500,000 film about songbird culture isthe first made by production outfit Aquafire and is directed by US director andscreenwriter Graham Streeter

It features an internationalcast including Makoto Iwamatsu, Zelda Rubinstein, Tan Kheng Huaand Asrani.