KS Ravikumar, the director of Tamil star Rajnikanth’s latest blockbuster Rana, which is currently shooting, has denied rumours that the project has been cancelled due to the star’s ill health.

“We have been getting some disturbing feedback about the film Rana being cancelled,” Ravikumar said in a statement.

“This, we would like to ascertain is a totally false newscast. It is natural for people to fall ill and as our leading star is now not so well, we feel unpleasant about these rumours confirming the film being dropped. Rana is superstar Rajni Sir’s dream project and his brain child and hence he is very much keen on undertaking it and completing it successfully. His ill health might have caused a minor glitch initially in our shooting plans but Rajini sir is all positive about recovering and getting back into action.

Rumours started to circulate in recent weeks when the 60-year-old star was admitted to hospital on three separate occasions.

Rana, which started shooting in March, is produced by Eros International and Ocher Studios, the production outfit run by Rajnikanth’s daughter. Eros is selling the film, which alsostars Deepika Padukone, at the on-going Cannes market. Ravikumar also stated that the film would be released as scheduled in 2012.