Organisers at the 6th AnnualInternational Beverly Hills Film Festival have lined up the world premiere ofEugenio Cappuccio's documentary Verso La Luna Con Fellini (Towards The Moon With Fellini) as the opening night film.

Verso La Luna Con Fellini, which will screen on Apr 5, offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse ofFederico Fellini at work on his last picture, La Voce Della Luna.

Fellini's former assistantChristina Engelhardt stars in the film with Roberto Benigni and wasinstrumental in reviving interest in the documentary.

'Verso La Luna ConFellini is rare footage that allows usto feel as if we have walked onto the set of one of the most magical directorsof our time,' festival director Nino Simone said. 'The Beverly HillsFilm Festival is honoured to host the first theatrical screening of this historicalgem.'

The festival runs from Apr 5-9.For details of the line-up and more visit the official website