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Source: Warner Bros Ent.

‘Ready Player One’

MONDAY UPDATE: Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi adaptation Ready Player One got the top score at the global box office this weekend, grossing $181.2worldwide and giving distributor Warner Bros its biggest opening weekend ever in China. 

Pacific Rim: Uprising plummeted after its impressive opening last week, taking $41m worldwide over the first three days of what in many markets is the extended Easter holiday weekend.


Outside North America, Ready Player One notched up $127.5m from 35,600 screens in 62 territories, according to Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI). It was the number one film across Europe, Asia and Latin America. The international tally included $19.1m from 1,216 IMAX screens in 64 markets.

In China, Spielberg’s latest opened at number one with an estimated $61.9m from 18,200 screens, WBPI’s highest debut gross ever in the market. WBPI said the opening was more than 50% up on those for Tomb Raider and Jumanji, though it was slightly behind last weekend’s opening tally for Pacific Rim: Uprising.

Ready Player One was the top foreign film in Korea (just behind a local title), with an estimated $7.9m from 624 screens.

It also came in second in the UK, with an estimated $7.3m from 1,251 screens.

It topped the charts in Russia, with an estimated $5.9m from 2,793 screens, and in France, with an estimated $6.1m (657,000 admissions) from 719 screens.

Mexico produced another number one performance, an estimated $3.9m from 2,194 screens, as did Spain, with an estimated $3.1m from 570 screens.

Other chart-topping debuts came in Australia, with $3m from 480 screens, and Italy, with $2.6m from 570 screens.

In Brazil, Ready Player One was the top foreign film with an estimated $2.2m from 767 screens.

WB/MGM’s Tomb Raider took a confirmed $12.1m this weekend in 66 markets on around 11,800 screens, bringing the film’s international running total to $196.4m.

The reboot has now reached $77.2m in China, $9.1m in the UK, $8m in France, $7.3m in Russia, $5.8m in Germany, $4.9m in Indonesia, $4.64m in Mexico, $4.55m in Australia, $4.48m in Taiwan, $4.24m in Brazil, $4.15m in Korea and $3.8m in Italy.

Game Night reached $36.2m internationally, with individual market tallies hitting $6.4m in the UK, $5.5m in Australia, $3.3m in Germany, $2.5m in Russia and $2.3m in Holland.

The 15:17 To Paris arrived at an international total to date of $19.9m.


Last weekend’s top global performer Pacific Rim: Uprising managed only an estimated $9.1m over the three days of its second weekend in China, where it is released by Legendary East, bringing the action sequel’s total for the territory to $88.1m.


In 63 international territories in which it is distributed by Universal Pictures International, Pacific Rim: Uprising took $22.5m this weekend, bringing its international total for Universal markets to $97m (for an overall international tally so far of $185.1m).

The action sequel opened at number two in Hong Kong with $1.7m from 55 locations and at number one in the Philippines with $906,000 from 190 locations.

In its second weekend, it was down 57% in Mexico with $1.9m from 1,710 locations, for a $9.5m total; 22% in Germany, with $1.4m from 666 locations for a $4m total; 74% in Russia, with $1.75m from 1,864 for a total of $10.2m; 64% in Malaysia, with $1.2m from 174 for a $5.6m total; 59% in France with $1m from 665 for a $4m total; 61% in the UK and Ireland for a $4.4m total; and 67% in Indonesia, with $842,000 from 285 for a $5.3m total.

Blockers opened in four international markets, taking $5m.

The raunchy comedy placed third in Australia, with $2.9m from 252 locations; fourth in the UK and Ireland, with $1.9m from 440; and fourth in New Zealand, with $190,000 from 60.

Boss Baby, from DreamWorks Animation, dropped just 13% in its second weekend in Japan to $2.9m from 323 locations, for a market total of $16.8m.

The Post added $2.4m from 25 territories this weekend, bringing its international total to $35.2m. The Steven Spielberg drama opened in fifth place in Japan with $1.6m from 281 locations.

Mary Magdalene boosted its international total to $8.2m with $1.7m from 37 markets. The Christian-themed drama opened with $285,000 in France, $107,000 in Korea and $107,000 in Argentina.

Darkest Hour added $700,000, to bring its international total to $89.4m, opening in Japan with $505,000 from 18 locations.

Lady Bird took $400,000, boosting its international tally to $21.8m.


Peter Rabbit had another strong weekend, taking $32.1m from 11,700 screens in 55 markets through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI), to boost its international total to $120.1m.

The animated/live action comedy launched in 17 new markets, led by the Netherlands, where it took $1m, and Belgium, where it took $790,000. SPRI said that for the comparable group of openings, Peter Rabbit beat Paddington by 30% and Paddington 2 by 48%. 

Peter remained at number one in the UK, with $8.4m, for a total of $30.9m; in Germany, with $3.1m, for a $7.8m total; and in Australia, with $3m, for a total of $6.3m. It also managed increased holdover takes in Spain and Italy.


Black Panther took another $8.2m this weekend, pushing its international total to $624.1m. Globally, the film’s $1.27bn total now puts it just outside the all time top ten.

The latest Marvel Cinematic Universe outing has now amassed $104.3m in China, $65.2m for the UK, $42.8m for Korea, $35.6m for Brazil, $31.3m for France, $30.3m for Australia, $27.9m for Mexico, $21.6m for Germany, $19.2m for Russia and $13.8m for Japan. 

A Wrinkle In Time added $4.8m this weekend, bringing its international total to $21.2m.

The sci-fi drama opened across Latin America with takes including $1.1m in Mexico. Territory totals now stand at $6.4m in Russia, $2.8m in Spain, $2.1m in the UK and $1.8m in France.

Coco took $4.5m, bringing its international total to $571.2m. The animated tale has now taken $183.5m in China, $57.9m in Mexico, $33.2m in France and $25.4m in Japan.


Baaghi 2, from Fox International Productions and FoxStar, opened with $14.1m from 3,748 screens in two markets, including $13.9m from India, where it was the top film and became the fifteenth biggest Bollywood opening of all time.

Red Sparrow took $5.1m from 2,758 screens in 55 markets, opening in Japan with $944,461 and taking $1.1m in Germany and $573,720 in Spain. The film’s international total stands at $84.3m.

Opening in the UK, Wes Anderson’s animated The Isle of Dogs took $2.3m from 650 screens, an 11% bigger opening than Anderson’s The Fantastic Mr Fox.

The Greatest Showman added $2.1m from 980 screens in 17 markets, bringing its international total to $242m.

The Shape of Water took another $2.3m from 2,711 screens in 42 markets, pushing its international total to $127m.

Love, Simon opened with $1.5m from 266 screens in two markets, with Australia delivering $1.4m from 216 screens.

Unsane took $1.3m from 1,257 screens in eight markets and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri added $969,536 from 1,259 screens in 33 markets for an international total of $101m.


MGM and Paramount Pictures’ animated Sherlock Gnomes grossed $2.5m this weekend in 27 markets, for an international total of $8m.

The film opened in eight markets, including Mexico, which produced $1.1m from 740 locations, on a par with the opening of franchise predecessor Gnomeo And Juliet.