Real D has signed another huge deal, partnering with Odeon and UCI for the installation of 500 digital 3-D systems across the UK and Europe.

The distribution partnership is Real D's largest international deal to date.

The rollout of 500 systems will start immediately and continue for the next two years. It moves Real D into new markets such as Spain and Italy, and expands reach in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria

Odeon and UCI have more than 1600 screens across Europe, and about a third of the circuit will eventually be Real-D enabled.

Some systems will be ready for the Warner Bros release of Robert Zemeckis' 3-D project Beowulf in November.

Joseph Peixoto, president of Real D, said: 'We are thrilled to be working with Odeon and UCI to bringReal Dto so many new markets. Real D remains the choice of exhibitors as the most advanced 3D cinema experience available, with our reach now expanded to over 60 exhibitors in 23 countries.'

Last week, Real D announced a deal with UK chain Cineworld for up to 100 systems.