Filmax is promoting a sequel to the hit horror film Rec with the same directors, Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza, attached to direct.

Rec 2 will have the same 'claustrophobic concept' as the first film, seen through a handheld camera lens, according to Filmax.

Full details for the film, such as cast, budget and shooting dates are being kept secret for now, but there has already been interest from buyers at Cannes.

'The same buyers that bought the first film have shown interest in Rec 2,' confirms Rafael Cabrera, managing director of marketing and communication at Filmax International.

The first film has proved to be a huge success with Spanish and international audiences, making a total of $19m so far from its release in territories including Spain (Filmax), France (Wild Side), Italy (Mediafilm), UK (Filmworks), Germany (3L), Belgium and Netherlands (Paradiso), and Sweden (Noble Entertainment). It is also due for release June 28 in Japan, where horror films are particularly popular and could take it beyond $25m.

Screen Gems is also doing a remake of Rec in the US called Quarantine, with John Erick Dowdle directing.