The Berlinale Talent Campus (BTC) has received a record3,516 applications from 121 countries for its fourth edition to be held fromFebruary 11-16.

The number of entries is up 1,105 on last year and includesfirst-time applications from countries as far flung as Benin,Madagascar, Tajikistan Gambia, Fiji and Nepal.

In addition, the number of entries from the UK grew by 247,while 116 more talents applied from Germany compared to 2004.

"We are happy about the increasing internationalresonance of the Campus. With talents from 121 countries, the Campus is agenuine world map of film," commented Cathy Rohnke, BTC's new programmemanager.

The BTC's fourthedition will focus on editing and analyse "how the principles of editingrelate to other departments such as writing, directing, and sound andmusic."

Invited experts include editors Jim Clark (Vera Drake),Angie Lam (Hero) and Moritz Laube (Land Of Plenty) as well as DoPChristopher Doyle and producer Jeremy Thomas.

As an innovation for 2006, the young talents around theglobe have been invited to submit short films of up to five minutes on thethemes of hunger, food and taste as their application for the Campus.

Those shorts selected will then be presented during theCampus in connection with a symposium exploring the creative links between filmand nutrition, supported by such international figures as Carlo Pertrini, thefounder of the Slow Food Movement, and Alternative Nobel Prize winner VandanaShiva.

In addition, Telluride's co-director Tom Luddy has curated asidebar with classic films on the subject of food