Netflix' theatrical distributor Red Envelope Entertainment and independent distributor B-Side Entertainment are to stage the day-and-date theatrical, DVD and internet streaming release of American football documentary Two Days In April.

The film will launch as a DVD rental and 'instant view' through Netflix's web-based service and open the same day in select theatres nationwide through B-Side.

'This exhibition programme will put the film directly into the hands of viewers, whether at home with their families or assembled in community groups,' Red Envelope Entertainment chief Liesl Copland said.

'B-Side has a proven track record of creating buzz for films by engaging audiences through tailor-made exhibitions and we are using this platform to challenge the traditional theatrical model, which we feel holds no allure for much of the specialty film market today.'

'Popular alternative rock band Radiohead has proven in the music industry that offering commercial content for free can drive significant marketing and economic benefit,' B-Side founder and CEO Chris Hyams said.