Winchester Films' US-based CEO Hadeel Reda has left the board of directors of its UK parent Winchester Entertainment and is shedding her title of chief executive officer.

Reda is to pursue independent producing but will continue overseeing Winchester's ongoing US projects and seek projects for the company's international sales team.

"I've been proud to play a part in building Winchester and I look forward to an ongoing relationship with the company as I pursue further producing opportunities," said Reda, whose Winchester production credits include Heartbreakers, Scorched and Jane Doe.

"We will continue to work closely together on our development slate which Hadeel has skilfully put together and I am looking forward to continuing our relationship on her productions in the future," said Gary Smith, chief executive of Winchester Entertainment.

Winchester has also exchanged contracts for its acquisition of financing and sales outfit Cobalt Media Capital from Alton Irby and John Muse. Winchester is issuing three million ordinary shares, or 10% of its enlarged capital, and has agreed to grant warrants for a further three million shares at £12.53 each.