Vanessa Redgrave has signed on as Narrator for Robinson In Ruins, the long-awaited follow-up to Patrick Keiller’s celebrated 1990s films London and Robinson In Space.

Robinson In Ruins will see Redgrave replace the late actor Paul Scofield, who was Narrator for the two previous films. The actress was a close friend of Scofield and worked with him many times in theatre productions.

Keiller said: “My fictional protagonist and I are delighted Vanessa Redgrave has accepted the role of the Narrator of the former’s most recent, perhaps most quixotic expedition.”

Robinson In Ruins is in post-production and is expected to surface in the autumn, possibly at the Venice International Film Festival.

The film is produced by Keith Griffiths through UK outfit Illuminations. A sales agent is expected to be announced shortly.

The two previous Robinson films were distributed by the British Film Institute.