Maryanne Redpath has been appointed the new director of the Berlinale's children's and youth film section Generation.

Dieter Kosslick announced the appointment, which takes effect May 1.

Redpath is currently co-director of Generation and has worked for the festival since 1993.

Florian Weghorn, who has been with Generation since 2002, will now be co-director.

Thomas Hailer, who is the current director of Generation, will become the Berlinale's programme manager. In that role he will work with Kosslick in all matters relating to the programme, and he will work closely with Karin Hoffinger and Johanna Muth.

'With the introduction of 14plus and many other innovations, including the expansion of our complex commitment to film education, Generation has grown enormously,' said Kosslick. 'With Maryanne Redpath and Florian Weghorn, we are delighted to have a well-established team to direct the section and further its development.'