The European Film Academy and the international film critics associationFIPRESCI have announced that the EFA Critics Award 2006 - Prix FIPRESCI will goto Philippe Garrel's The Regular Lovers(Les Amants Reguliers).

"Philippe Garrel made hisfirst film when he was 16, and by 20 had earned the reputation of the NouvelleVague's Wunderkind and 'younger brother of Godard',"said FIPRESCI president Andrei Plakhov. "His sophisticated cinematographicstyle, with long concentrated frames, is unique. His films are like fakedetective stories, where mystery lies, not in the plot but in the style."

The Academy has alsoannounced that the new EFA award for artistic contribution goes to Pierre Pelland Stephane Rozenbaum for production design in Michel Gondry's The Science OfSleep.

Both awards will bepresented during the Awards Ceremony in Warsaw on Dec 2.