Adlabs Films has gained access to sister company Reliance Globalcom’s massive global fibre-opticnetwork to deliver Indian films to digital screens in the US.

The network enables Adlabs to reduce physical delivery times of encrypted content by 50-90%. Films distributed so far over the network include recent Indian hits Ghajini and Delhi 6.

The films were mastered in the DCI-approved 2K format in Mumbai by Adlabs Digital Cinema, sent over Reliance Globalcom’s network to New York, and screened in Adlabs’ Big Cinemas digital screens in New Jersey and California.

“Reliance Globalcom’s global network acts as an international digital artery that allows Adlabs to offer content and media services globally,” said Adlabs Films CEO Anil Arjun.

“With Reliance Globalcom’s extensive fiber assets, multi-metro connectivity and service assurance, we have the agility to serve the industry by moving film and media assets quickly and securely anywhere in the world.”

Adlabs’ Big Cinemas is India’s largest cinema circuit with around 430 screens across India, the US and Malaysia. Last year, the company acquired 240 screens across the US, some from players such as Landmark and Regal, and also partnered with Knoxville, Tennessee-based exhibitor Phoenix Theatres.