Warner Bros PicturesInternational continued its spectacular run at the box office over the weekendwith The Matrix Reloaded whichtook another $9.94m from 4,980 screens in 60 countries. Its total internationalgross is poised to cross the $400m mark this week and at Sunday stood at$397.2m.

The film dropped just 20.6%in Japan in its fourth weekend on release, and was only just beaten by newopener Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle which took Y620m as opposed to Reloaded's Y607.4m. Warner said Monday that excluding FullThrottle's sneak previews, Reloaded would have remained at the top.

Its Japanese total to dateis Y7.51bn ($63.1m).

The film is WarnerInternational's third biggest grossing film of all time after HarryPotter And The Sorcerer's Stone(2001) which grossed $648.2m and Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002) which took $604.4m.