Once again, France is turning to comic books for inspiration.

Alain Berberian is to direct Enquete Corse, about a hapless detective in Corsica, based on the comics by Rene Petillon. Enquete Corse will also reunite the stars of the Les Visiteurs films - Christian Clavier and Jean Reno - who will both take lead roles in the film.

Reno and Clavier will be backed up by a cast of Corsicans and an as yet unnamed Italian actress according to French weekly trade Le Film Francais. The film will begin a three month shooting schedule in Corsica on September 24.

Produced by Alain Goldman and his company Legende Entreprises, Enquete Corse will be distributed by Gaumont.

Following the success of the live action Asterix films in France, a spate of comic adaptations are in the works including Rene Goscinny's Iznogoud, which is being directed by Patrick Braoude, and the $35m Mike Blueberry, Expanded Reality, directed by Jan Kounen.