Nordic media giant Egmont has once again restructured it film divisions and has merged its production outfit Nordisk Film with distribution arm Egmont Entertainment, into a new entity called Nordisk Film.

Egmont Entertainment's managing director Kenneth D. Plummer will head up the new organisation that will have an annual turnover of over Eu 405 million and a staff of approximately 1,350 people.

Plummer replaces former Nordisk Film chief Soren E. Jakobsen who is resigning, but will continue to work with Egmont's television interests reporting to CEO Steffen Kragh.

The new Nordisk Film, which retains its trademark Polar Bear-logo, will handle all Egmont's film and television development, production, marketing and distribution activities.

Nordisk Film's turbulent history dates back 97 years, but over the last ten years since 1992 when it was acquired and merged with Egmont's audiovisual arm, the pace of restructuring has heated up.

Plummer claimed the latest changes would help the company restore some of it former glory. "After a little less than 7 years of separation we return to our roots'the new organisation will bring together again people and potential in a joint, dynamic film environment. This will enable us to optimise all elements of the moving pictures' road from idea to audience," he said.