The Los Angeles Film Festival, which this year has moved its event to June (June 20-29), introduced competition sections, an international section, a guest director and a film-maker prize worth $50,000, has unveiled its lineup consisting of 57 features from 22 countries.

The festival, formerly known as the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, is run by Independent Feature Project/West with Rich Raddon as festival director and former San Francisco Film Festival programmer Rachel Rosen as director of programming.

Although the opening night and centerpiece galas are yet to be announced, Miguel Arteta's The Good Girl starring Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhaal will close the festival.

Competing in the narrative competition section of the festival are:

- Tanya Wexler's Ball In The House starring Jonathan Tucker, Jennifer Tilly, David Strathairn and Ethan Embry.

- Sherman Alexie's The Business Of Fancydancing starring Evan Adams.

- Eric Byler's Charlotte Sometimes starring Michael Idemoto and Jacqueline Kim.

- Jacques Thelemaque's The Dogwalker starring Diane Gaidry.

- Christopher Scott Cherot's G starring Richard T Jones and Blair Underwood.

- Matthew & Dan O'Donnell's Missing Persons starring the film-makers.

- Przemyslaw Reut's Paradox Lake with Matt Wolf and Jason Miller.

- Matthew Miller's The Perfect You with Jenny McCarthy and Paul Dooley.

- Myra Paci's Searching For Paradise with Chris Noth, Jeremy Davies and Michele Placido.

- Christian Taylor & Lindy Heymann's Showboy with Taylor and Adrian Armas.

- Chris McKay's 2 Wks, 1 Yr starring Michael Gilio and Krissy Shields.

- Alfredo De Villa's Washington Heights with Tomas Milian and Manny Perez.

Competing in the documentary section are:

Kristi Jacobson's American Standoff; Michaline Babich's The Big O, Jacob Craycroft & Joey Garfield's Breath Control: The History Of The Human Beat Box, Sam Jones' Am I Trying To Break Your Heart, David Turnley's La Tropical, Scott Hamilton Kennedy's OT: Our Town, Gary Hawkins' The Rough South Of Larry Brown, Mei-Juin Chen and Martha Burr's Shaolin Ulysses: Kungfu Monks In America, Jeffrey Blitz's Spellbound and Thomas Allen Harris' That's My Face.

Meanwhile the international cinema section of the festival will showcase:

Stanislaw Mucha's Absolut Warhola (Germany), Marion Vernoux's A Hell Of A Day (France), Chen Yiwen & Chang Hwa-Kun's The Cabbie (Taiwan), Annie Goldson & Peter Wells' Georgie Girl (New Zealand), Akihiko Shiota's Harmful Insect (Japan), Robert Glinski's Hi Tereska (Poland), Jacques Sarasin's I'll Sing For You (France), Ra'anan Alexandrowicz's The Inner Tour (Israel/Palestine), Andres Wood's Loco Fever (Chile/Spain/Mexico), Matt Bissonette and Steven Clark's Looking For Leonard (Canada), Yvan Attal's My Wife Is An Actress (France), Matthias Keilich's Neither Fish Nor Foul (Germany/Korea), Raja Amari's Satin Rouge (France/Tunisia), Zhu Wen's Seafood (China), Reza Khatibi's 37 Days In Tehran (France/Iran), Christian Petzold's Something To Remind Me (Germany) and Danny Verete's Yellow Asphalt (Israel).

A spotlight on Argentina will showcase three films which have emerged this year from the economically troubled country ' Luis Ortega's Black Box, Adrian Caetano's Bolivia and Veronica Chen's Smokers Only.

Guest director Alfonso Curaon has selected a sidebar of films which have influenced him ' Jacques Rozier's Adieu Philippine (1960), FW Murnau's Sunrise (1927) and Felipe Cazals' Canoa (1975).

Special events include a screening of Martha Coolidge's Valley Girl, reuniting the cast and crew of the 1983 film, a live music screening of Jean Epstein's The Fall Of The House Of Usher and special screenings of Nick Broomfield's Biggie & Tupac, Joel DeMott's Demon Lover Diary, Denis Sanders' Elvis: That's The Way It Is (1970) and Lucky McKee's May.