Morgan Freemanand Lori McReary's production outfit Revelations Entertainment has formed a newdistribution company aiming to distribute films directly to consumers over theinternet, with backing from Intel, the leading chipmaker and manufacturer ofcomputer and networking products.

The company,called ClickStar Inc, plans to create an online service in which consumers canaccess, pay for and download first-run, pre-DVD release films andartist-created entertainment channels in their homes.

The philosophybehind ClickStar is both to furnish film-makers with a vehicle to connectdirectly with audiences and offer consumers a new way of experiencing homeentertainment.

The company wasunveiled at the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference yesterday by Freemanand Intel president and CEO Paul Otellini. Running the new venture will beNizar Allibhoy, a former Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment executive..

"Our goal is todeliver first run premium entertainment to film fans around the world and tomake film easier to buy than to pirate," said Freeman in a statement.

As to what thecontent or the revenue mechanisms would be, no details were announced otherthan the declaration that "Clickstar will enable new business models resultingin increased revenue opportunities for the film industry." ClickStar, thestatement said, is "working with top artists, producers and distributioncompanies worldwide to build a compelling slate of exciting films that will beavailable in theatres as well as online."

Nor further details weregiven on when the service would launch or which distributors would be involved.