Film Reviews



'Parasite': Cannes Review

A twist-laden black comedy in ‘home invasion’ mode from Bong Joon Ho

'Once Upon A Time In... Hollywood'

'Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood': Cannes Review

Quentin Tarantino’s ninth film is funny, redemptive and unexpectedly warm-hearted


'Chicuarotes': Cannes Review

Gael Garcia Bernal directs this tale of two working-class chancers in Mexico City

'Our Mothers'

'Our Mothers': Cannes Review

Sensitive exploration of the 1980s Guatemalan civil war through the recollections of the country’s women

'La Belle Epoque'

'La Belle Epoque': Cannes Review

Daniel Auteuil plays a man who is given the opportunity to relive his past in order to save his marriage


'Tommaso': Cannes Review

Abel Ferrara mines personal territory for this indulgent tale of an ageing filmmaker struggling with his demons

'Abou Leila'

'Abou Leila': Cannes Review

In war-torn 1990s Algeria, two friends attempt to track down an infamous terrorist

Dogs Don't Wear Pants

'Dogs Don't Wear Pants': Cannes Review

This BDSM sex drama from Finland is surprisingly non-confrontational

'Nina Wu'

'Nina Wu': Cannes Review

A #Metoo moment from Taiwan’s Midi Zi, with actoress/writer Wu Ke-Xi drawing heavily on personal experiences


'Frankie': Cannes Review

Ira Sachs’ European venture teeters perilously on the verge of de luxe tourism

'To Live To Sing'

'To Live To Sing': Cannes Review

Johnny Ma’s colourful film is centred around a Chengdu Opera troupe on the verge of collapse

'The Invisible Life Of Euridice Gusmao'

'The Invisible Life Of Euridice Gusmao': Cannes Review

Two sisters are forced to live apart in 1950s Rio de Janiero


'Lillian': Cannes Review

Lillian, a Russian emigrant in New York whose visa has expired, decides to walk the long way home

'Young Ahmed'

'Young Ahmed': Cannes Review

The Dardenne Brothers’ latest is a taut study of a devout 13-year-old Muslim

'An Easy Girl'

'An Easy Girl': Cannes Review

Rebecca Zlotowski explores the power of sexuality in this sultry South of France drama