Revolver Entertainment andShooting People are hosting a short film competition tied to Revolver's releaseof Destricted,a compilation of films with sexy themes.

Larry Clark will judge theentries, which will be shorts under five minutes madeby emerging film-makers that "challenge the boundaries between art and porn." Clark's own 38-minute Impaled isincluded on Destrictedalong with other works by Gaspar Noe,Sam Taylor-Wood, Matthew Barney and Marina Abramovic,among others.

The six finalists in thecompetition will be screened at the London-based Halloween Short Film Festivalin January 2007 and will be considered for inclusion on the Destricted 2 compilation.

The competition is open tomembers of the filmmaking community Shooting People from Sept 15 to Nov 15.Films will be submitted through Shooting People, and details can be found at

"Our intention with Destricted was tocreate a platform to host a range of view points, we see it as the beginning ofan ongoing visual discussion," said Mel Agace,co-producer of Destrictedand Shooting People member. "Theensuing competition presents an explicit opportunity to broaden this discussionwithin the independent filmmakers' community alongside Destricted continuingcommissions."