UK DVD release campaign of The Wackness pays homage to Willy Wonka with a golden ticket competition, but it's a very different type of trip that's up for grabs.

UK distribution company Revolver Entertainment pays homage to Willy Wonka in its promotion of the UK DVD release of The Wackness, on February 9.

The Wackness follows the relationship between a psychiatrist (Ben Kingsley) and a teenager (Josh Peck) whose unlikely friendship is forged through their love of weed.

A la Wonka the first 1000 DVDs of The Wackness will have golden competition tickets inside.

But it's not a trip to the chocolate factory that buyers could potentially win but a different type of trip altogether -a weekend for two in Amsterdam complete with a gram of high-grade skunk marijuana on arrival.

In the UK, cannabis has just been reclassified from a class C drug to the higher grade class B, but in the spirit of the film, Revolver's campaign focuses on a less serious side to the issue.

Justin Marciano, managing director of Revolver Entertainment, explained the background to the approach.

'The weed is such a central part of the film - Josh is a young dope dealer but what's important is that he creates connections with other people through the cannabis he sells. The Wackness is a film we really care about and we thought how can we have some fun and use the lighter side of what we are talking about. The campaign is really is a Golden Ticket for grown ups,' said Marciano.