Revolver Entertainment is the first UK distributor to provide digital files on its DVD releases.

City Rats, starring Danny Dyer, will be the first release to include access to a digital version. The digital files will allow consumers to transfer the film and other bonus content onto devices such as the iPhone, PSP and Windows Media Player.

City Rats starring Danny Dyer, Susan Lynch and Tamer Hassan goes on sale this week.

Revolver’s Justin Marciano said: “We’re constantly testing the audience’s desire for more flexible ways to purchase and enjoy content. Having a digital copy you can easily transfer onto your personal devices means that the film or programme can be enjoyed more easily on the move.”

He added that the US studios have already started to offer digital versions of big titles such as Hancock, TheIncredibleHulk and The Love Guru.

The DVD uses technology supplied by Sony DADC, which installs an electronic code that is automatically read by DVD players.