Revolver has picked up the UK, Irish and North American rights to Gerard Johnson’s debut film Tony, which had its world premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival in June.

The film is produced by Dan McCulloch with award-winning screenwriter Paul Abbott executive producing through his development company, AbbottVision.

The story follows oddball loner Tony, who harbours an appetite for straight to video action films and craves company. An unhealthy mix of people is welcome at his place providing they behave but when a local thug’s son disappears; Tony’s lifestyle comes under scrutiny.

The cast includes newcomer Peter Ferninando, Ricky Grover, George Russo and Francis Pope. The soundtrack has been supplied by cult British band The The.

Tony is backed by the UK Film Council’s New Cinema Fund and AbbottVision. It is the first collaboration between the UKFC and Revolver.

Justin Marciano, chief executive of Revolver, said: “Its dark, comic tone and fresh approach to the serial killer genre makes Tony the perfect icon for new British cinema.”