Singapore-based RGM Entertainment is launching a fund to back $400m worth of commercial English-language film and TV projects over a period of four years.

The fund combines debt provided by Oceana Media Finance LLC, along with investment from RGM and institutional investors from Singapore.

RGM previously financed Winged Creatures, starring Forest Whitaker and Kate Beckinsale, and is currently financing the sequel to Point Break, entitled Point Break 2, which Jan de Bont is attached to direct. Production is scheduled to start in October at multiple Asian locations including Singapore.

The company aims to finance a minimum of two further films in the $15-40m range over the next fiscal year.

'This deal allows us to get into higher budget projects and to work with significant producers in order to source and develop material for the global market,' said RGM Entertainment CEO Devesh Chetty.

An integrated production and talent management company, RGM was established in Sydney in 1982 but moved its headquarters to Singapore in 2005 to source talent and material from the Asian region, as well as expand its production activities.