Toy Story 2 has confirmed its status as a true phenomenon grossing over $10m for its third consecutive weekend at the UK box office. The running total of the Disney/Pixar animation is now $53m after just 17 days on wide release. But the weekend openers The Talented Mr Ripley (pictured) and The Green Mile both survived the jam-packed schedule: Anthony Minghella's adaptation pulled in $2.2m from a medium-wide release of 282 locations (putting it at number three in the chart) and the Tom Hanks prison drama scooped a screen average of $15,000 from a nine screen West End platform release totalling $1.3m.

This gangbusting weekend follows a record-breaking week across the board as the half-term holidays and Oscar-nominated films bolstered takings at UK cinemas. Toy Story 2's 7-day gross of $24m is another record for the digitally-generated production beating Star Wars: Episode One - The Phantom Menace's highest weekly gross of $22.5m

20th Century Fox's The Beach maintained its box office draw, with matinee business bumped up by out-of-school Leonardo DiCaprio fans. The Figment Films production has now grossed a total of $15m.

Of the Oscar nominated films, The Sixth Sense profited the most, rising 47% weekend on weekend and has now garnered $42m after 17 weeks.

Offering alternative foreign-language fodder was the Artificial Eye release of Cannes festival winner Rosetta and Spain's domestic box office success Open Your Eyes distributed in the UK by Redbus Films. Both pulled in stable opening results with screen averages of over $3,000.