The European Film Academy has announced that Rithy Panh's Paper Cannot Wrap Up Embers (Le Papier Ne Peut Pas Envelopper La Braise), a French production, is the winner of the 2007 Prix Arte for best documentary.

This year's jury for the Prix Arte was comprised of Francine Brucher, David Fisher and Philip Groening. Ten documentaires had been shortlisted.

The award will be presented at the 20th European Film Awards in Berlin on Dec 1.

The jury said: 'Carefully balancing observational cinema with very well made scenes the winning film depicts the lives of a group of Cambodian prostitutes and their closest surroundings. With infinite respect and great warmth, a near 'Brechtian' documentary unfolds, a work of great humanity and impressive artistic competence. Here is the voice of a community who usually remain mute and the mutual respect and care they manage to maintain under conditions of extreme exploitation.'