The Return Of The King was not the only film benefiting from Academy Awards glory last weekend as Warner Bros' Mystic River witnessed some massive box office leaps around the world.

Clint Eastwood's acclaimed drama picked up Oscars for best actor (Sean Penn) and best supporting actor (Tim Robbins) on Feb 29 and saw international box office jump 22.4% the following weekend. Over 255,000 people went to see the film over the March 5-7 weekend and Warner Bros experienced a colossal 95% rise in box office in Western Europe.

The UK added four extra prints to put the film back on 57 locations in its 21st week on release and jumped 136% week-on-week following the double win. Italy added 14 screens to the three still playing the film in its 20th week in the territory for a 821% week-on-week rise in takings.

Spain, also in its 20th week, saw box office improve 28% while adding only two new prints as 28,000 Spaniards flocked to the film. Meanwhile Sweden saw box office go up a massive 140% despite not adding a single new print. Denmark added one print and saw a 38% rise; Norway went from four prints to nine for a 144% rise.

The improvements in River's box office flow were not just across Europe however. New Zealand saw weekend revenues for the film improve 71% in its 15th week while in Australia 11 new prints were added taking it back to 73 prints in its 16th week on release for a 81% week-on-week rise.

Mystic River has grossed $59.3m from international territories to date.