Singer Robbie Williams is workingwith film-makers community Shooting People to encourage emerging film-makers tomake short films to complement his new album Rudebox.

Responding to a wide brief,film-makers submitted a variety of treatments using as much or as little fromthe album tracks as they wanted. Williams himself selected and green-lit theseven projects including Ken Wardrop's Venom,Jim Field Smith and George Kay's Idiotlampand Joel Wilson and Jamie Campbell's 11Film.

The eighth and final shortfor track The 80s will be created by a competitionwinner. The grand prize winner will get $13,917 (£7,500) along with their filmconsidered for broadcast or inclusion on a DVD. Also, a $13,917 (£7,500) audience award will also be given to thevideo that attracts the most votes on Williams' website

"Rudebox was done in a guerrilla way, no plan of action, it justevolved into what it is naturally," Williams said in a statement. "That's whatI like about film today and why I wanted to do this project and competition'I'mvery excited to see what the film-makers can come up with."

Jess Search, Shooting People co-founder, said: "It is soencouraging that a world-class artist like Robbie Williams is offeringup-and-coming filmmakers the chance to use his music in order to createsomething new and get their work in front of some of the biggest and mostinfluential names in the music and film world. We are very much lookingforward to seeing different approaches and interpretations of the song."