Teenie musical with a girl having to decide whether to embark on a career as a concert pianist or to follow her heart and choose the world of rock music

Prod company SamFilm

Producers: Andreas Ulmke-Smeaton, Ewa Karlström

Backers: FFF Bayern, Bayerischer Bankenfonds, German Federal Film Board (FFA), German Federal Film Fund (DFFF)

DirectorMike Marzuk

Screenplay Peer Klehmet, Sebastian Wehlings

DoP: Bernhard Jasper

Production designer: Manfred Döring

Cast: Emilia Schüle, Daniel Axt, Maria Ehrlich, Vivien Wulf, Oliver Korittke

Locations:Passau and surroundings

Shooting from August until end of September 2009

Contact SamFilm,(49) 89 33 99 53 0