Film-makerLuis Fernandez de la Reguera, 39, died Aug 14 after amotorcycle accident in New York State.

Hedirected the 2003 documentary Rockets Redglare!, which featuredinterviews with actor, comedian and downtown New York icon Redglare himself (aka Michael Morra) as well aswith collaborators including Jim Jarmusch, MattDillon, Steve Buscemi and Willem Dafoe. The film wonan honourable mention at the 2003 Raindance FilmFestival. It also was featured as a special screening at the Sundance FilmFestival and at played at Hot Docs and New York's HOWL festival.

The director was also one ofthe project's producers, along with Buscemi andWilliam Murchu.

Friendsare organising a memorial for de la Reguera in New York City on October 20. Detailswill be posted at