Independent Film Sales, thesales arm of Luc Roeg's UK production operation Artists Independent Films,arrives at its first Cannes with a trio of films including Klimt, a biopic of the artist starring John Malkovich anddirected by Raoul Ruiz.

A European co-productioncurrently in post, Klimt marksthe sales division's first third-party film.

Also on the Cannes slate is TheHoly Beast, a gothic horror whichErich Breuer will direct from his own screenplay. Malkovich will again star,this time with Nastassja Kinski. The filmmakers aim to start shooting laterthis year, and independent distributor Optimum Releasing has come on board forthe UK.

Additionally, Nicolas Roeg,Luc's father, is to direct Night Train, an adaptation of British writer Martin Amis' novel, itself a twist onElmore Leonard. Along with Artists Independent Films, Steven Soderbergh andGeorge Clooney's production company Section 8 is producing the US-set story ofa hardboiled, female detective called Mike.