Robert Redford will personally present the Vanguard Leadership Award to Ebert [pictured] “in recognition of his advocacy of independent cinema”.

The ceremony will take place at the third annual Celebrate Sundance Institute benefit, chaired by Institute Trustee Lyn Lear and her husband Norman on Jun 5 2013 in Los Angeles.

Ebert is a critic, author and broadcaster who has written a Chicago Sun-Times review column since 1967. Since 2020 he has been syndicated in more than 200 newspapers worldwide.

“Among the many things I admire about Roger Ebert is how he has long supported freedom of artistic expression,” Redford said. “When I started Sundance in 1980, and when few would support us, Roger was there.

“This was one of the ways he communicated his forward-thinking outlook. He was one of the first to support our artists. His influence and reach is as meaningful as his personal passion for cinema, and he certainly deserves this award.”