Britishdirector Roger Michell has confirmed that he will notbe directing the next Bond movie, the 22nd in the 007 franchise.

"I'vedecided not to do it," Michell told "I was very tempted. Ispent a long time working on it but I wasn't tempted enough to actually jumpin. At the last minute, I looked over the edge of the cliff and got back intomy Prius."

Michell paid tribute to the Bond production team at Eon("they're a wonderful gang") and predicted that Daniel Craig (with whom he hasworked on such films as The Mother and Enduring Love) would "make a wonderful Bond." However, he said hewas "too used to making films on my own" to join the Bond caravan.

Michell's latestfeature Venus, starring Peter O'Tooleand Leslie Phillips, receives its world premiere at the Toronto InternationalFilm Festival next month.