A new system that allowsmobile phone users to watch films on their phone, even without networkcoverage, launches this week.

ROK Player, which launchedin the UK on Monday, is predicting a mobile content platform market worth £100min three years for film distributors, TV companies and record labels.

ROK Player is a specialdigital video chip that slots into a mobile phone's multi-media card holder,allowing the phone to play a particular film or TV series. One chip has enoughmemory to play an entire feature film.

Viewers watch the film withthe phone on its side, allowing it to play on the phone's full screen.

ROK Player says that it isin discussions with retailers to stock the chips and that retail partnershipswill be announced in the near future.

ROK Player has alreadysigned content deals with Aardman Studios, Gerry Anderson's IndestructibleStudios and Sony/BMG Music Publishing.

"Technology issues havemeant that it has previously been impossible for the mobile phone to be used asa device for playing full-length visual content, but ROK Player changesthat. Finally, people can view highquality moving images on their mobiles using the full screen of their handset,not just in letter-box format" said Jonathan Kendrick, Chairman and CEO of ROKPlayer.