Italian culture ministerFrancesco Rutelli held a round table meeting in Rome that has settled the 2007dates for Italy's three fall film festivals in Venice, Rome and Turin. Themeeting was announced last summer in reaction to the controversial appearanceof first edition of the Rome Film Fest and its placement on the fall filmfestival schedule.

In a statement madeavailable Wednesday, Minister Rutelli underlined 'the challenge to give the public three months ofItalian culture signed by cinema,' and noted 'the climate (ofthe group) was excellent and I have faith that the work will be in the mostopen spirit of cooperation.'

First on the list of threepoints on the Minister's press statement was the 'better definition of thedates that the festivals will take place, in order to reduce the possible riskof overlapping and conflict.'

But while the statement didnot specify what those dates were, a Culture Ministry spokesperson confirmed that Venice wouldrun Aug 30 - Sept 8. This puts Venice in the same slot, but shortens it by oneday. (This year's edition ran Aug 30-Sept 9). Rome's second edition would bepushed to October 20-30 (the 2006 edition ran Oct 13-21); and Turin would run

Nov 24- Dec 2 (this year'sedition ran Nov. 10-18).

Both the Biennale and Romespokespeople refused to comment on these reports, citing a pact made wherein theMinistry would be the sole source to release this information.

The second point made byMinister Rutelli calls for a 'mandate' to Presidents Croff, Bettini andRondolini wherein they should 'specify the profile, content andcharacteristic of the three events in order to avoid repetition and to favorthe respective uniqueness' of the three festivals.

Finally, he called for'collaboration among the three initiatives even through coordinatedpromotional efforts.'

The roundtable, which metTuesday night in Rome, was composed of Venice Mayor Massimo Cacciari and BiennalePresident Davide Croff, Rome Mayor Walter Veltroni and Rome Festival presidentGeoffredo Bettini as well as Turin Mayor Sergio Chiamparino and Turin Festival presidentGianni Rondolino.