Organisersof the Rome Film Fest suspended all activities beyond screenings and pressconferences Tuesday morning when two Rome underground trainscollided causing the death of at least one person.

Immediatereports from Italian news agency ANSA confirmed two deaths and two hundredinjuries of which six are critical. Final injury counts are not yetdiscernable.

Thecrash took place shortly before 10 am local time, in Rome's Piazza Vittorio stationon metro line A which is the principal line in thecity's limited underground network (currently being expanded).

PiazzaVittorio station is located in the heart of Rome's multi-ethnic communityand is not close to Rome Film Festival venues.

Accordingto reports, Rome Mayor Walter Veltroni, the driving force behind the Rome FilmFest, was on site at the disaster all morning.

Initialreports say the crash could have been a failure in the Metro network'ssignaling system. The two trains were new high-tech models from Spain that are replacing oldermodels on the Rome system.

Shortlyafter the crash, the direction of the Rome Film Festival issued this pressrelease:

"Thedirection board of the Rome Film Fest deeply partakesthe grief of the whole city of Rome due to the dramaticaccident happened today in the subway. As a result, the Rome Film Fest hasdecided to cancel any kind of event apart from the screenings and the pressconferences, which will be preceded by a minute of silence."

Duringa press conference for Guillaume Nicloux's TheStone Council (Le concile de pierre) - which was in progress when theaccident occurred, actress Monica Bellucci told attendees "we feel stupidto talk about films in a moment like this, but we will go on with the pressconference out of respect for our work even if our hearts are not really init."

Eventsto be cancelled today include the red carpet premiere of TheStone Council; red carpet and press meeting for Italian film Fascists On Mars (Fascisti su Marte);red carpet events for French films Offsetby Didi Danquart as well as Mon Oncleby Laurent Herbiet.

Furtherinstructions will follow according to the City Council's decisions, thefestival press office said.