Julia Rosenberg (pictured), head ofproduction and development at Serendipity Point Films, is setting up her ownproduction outfit, January Films.

A protege of Serendipitychief Robert Lantos, Rosenberg has amassed a number of co-producer andassociate producer credits on Serendipity projects such as Istvan Szabo'stitles Sunshine and the recent BeingJulia, Atom Egoyan's Ararat and his latest Where The Truth Lies and Norman Jewison's The Statement.

Rosenberg toldScreendaily.com her relationship with Serendipity would remain close; indeed,her shingle will be based in Lantos' Toronto headquarters. "Having worked withone of the finest producers in the world for ten years, it's time for me toapply everything I have learned and to see what sort of mark I can leave," shesaid.

Rosenberg is traveling toEurope next week to meet with potential partners, both financial and creative,and hopes to announce a slate in the coming months. She wouldn't go intospecifics except to say what she isn't making. "The scale of Serendipityproductions is huge. I'm looking to take risks on newer talent and smallerbudgets." Asked if Lantos and Serendipity will have a first-look arrangementwith January, Rosenberg replied, "If he's interested in anything I'm doing, I'dconsider myself a lucky person."