Trisha Rothkrans has today announced her intention to stepdown as chief executive of AusFILM, the organisation that promotesAustralia's locations and its film-making skills and facilities abroad.

Rothkrans has been in the job since 1999 and is intending topursue new interests once her contract expires in June next year. The positionwill be advertised in February.

AusFILM exists through contributions from Federal and StateGovernments and its 70 or so corporate members, which include studios, agents,post-production facilities and other service providers.

"Trisha has been an outstanding chief executive andleader of Ausfilm and has played an integral role in the organisation'sdevelopment into a highly professional and successful marketingorganisation," said chair Ian Robertson, who is also Sydney managingpartner of law firm Holding Redlich.

"It has been a wonderful five years and it has been myprivilege to work with a tireless team of dedicated staff both in Australia andLos Angeles," said Rothkrans, who says she leaves with mixed emotions.

"I could not have taken Ausfilm to the position itenjoys today without the support of the membership, the board and in particularthe chairman Ian Robertson, and his predecessors Murray Forrest and DenisNoonan. I am very grateful for their unfailing wise counsel."