The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) has announced more details of its feature film programme, which will include 50 world premieres, 30 international premieres and 25 European premieres.

Further, Rotterdam's Hubert Bals Fund will show 22 new films at the festival (nine are world premieres), all competing for the new Dioraphte Award worth $14,784 (Euros 10,000). The international jury for that prize is comprised of Marianne Bhalotra, Amra Baksic Camo and Malaysian filmmaker Ho Yuhang.

In non-competition sections, world premieres of Hubert Bals-backed films include Gustavo Steinberg's End Of The Line (Brazil), Huseyin Karabey's My Marlon And Brando (Turkey), Darrell James Roodt's Zimbabwe (South Africa).

Sales companies bringing new acquisitions to Rotterdam include Elle Driver with Estomago - A Gastronomic Story; Wide Management with Recycle; Match Factory with The Heart Is A Dark Forest; Fortissimo with It's Hard To Be Nice; Trust With Go With Peace Jamil (Tiger competitor); and Memento Films with Wonderful Town and Eat For This Is My Body (Tiger competitors).

World premieres other than the recently announced Tiger competition are as follows, grouped by festival programme section:

Sturm und Drang
Crossroads (Jie kou) by Wang Jing (China)
Forever (Za vedno) by Damjan Kozole (Slovenia)
Left (Links) by Froukje Tan (Netherlands)
Lucky 7 (Qi ying pian) by Sun Koh/K. Rajagopal/Boo Junfeng/Brian Gothong Tan/ Chew Tze Chuan/Ho Tzu Nyen/Tania Sng (Singapore)
The Swamp (Het moeras) by BarBara Hanlo (Netherlands)
Of Monster Mode (Bakemono moyou) by Ishii Yuya (Japan)
Philippine Bliss by Khavn (Philippines)
Shadow of Sand (Suna no kage) by Yusuke Kaida (Japan)
The Skyjacker by Jeff Pickett (US)
A Song of Good by Gregory King (New Zealand)
Tiramisu by Paula van der Oest (Netherlands)
Tropical Manila by Lee Sang-Woo (Philippines/South Korea)
Wadley by Matias Meyer (Mexico)
We Went to Wonderland by Guo Xiaolu (China/UK)
Who Is Afraid of Kathy Acker by Barbara Caspar (Austria/Germany)
Worldrevolution (Weltrevolution) by Klaus Hundsbichler (Austria)

Time & Tide
2KM2 - A Square View (2KM2 - het heden van de stad) by Carel van Hees/Andre van der Hout (Netherlands)
Absurd and Absurdity (Adep akhlak) by Marat Alykulov (Kyrgyzstan)
Africa Unite by Stephanie Black (US/Jamaica)
The End by Nicola Collins (US)
End of the Line (Fim da linha) by Gustavo Steinberg (Brazil)
The Golden Age of Fish by Kevin Jerome Everson (US)
Joaquin Sabina - 19 Days and 500 Nights (Joaquin Sabina - 19 dias y 500 noches) by Ramon Gieling (Netherlands/Spain)
The Lost Colony (De verloren kolonie) by Astrid Bussink (Netherlands)
The Match (De match) by Kees Hin (Netherlands)
Megumi by Mirjam van Veelen (Netherlands/Japan)
Men's Group by Michael Joy (Australia)
My Marlon and Brando (Gitmek) by Hüseyin Karabey (Turkey/Netherlands/UK)
Nothing to Lose (TBS) by Pieter Kuijpers (Netherlands)
The Reinactors by David J. Markey (US)
The Revue (Predstavlenie) by Sergei Loznitsa (Germany/Russia/Ukraine) War, Love, God & Madness by Mohamed Al-Daradji (Iraq/UK)
Zimbabwe by Darrell James Roodt (South Africa/Zimbabwe)

Kings & Aces
A prima vista by Michael Pilz (Austria)
Over Here by Jon Jost (USA)
The Sun and the Moon by Stephen Dwoskin (UK)
Teak Leaves at the Temples by Garin Nugroho (Indonesia)

Able Danger by Paul Krik (US)
Let the Right One in by Tomas Alfredson (Sweden)

Exploding Cinema: New Dragon Inns
Crude Oil (Cai you ri ji) by Wang Bing (China)
Nirvana (Niepan) by Yang Heng (China)

The festival runs Jan 23-Feb 3.