The International Film Festival Rotterdam is to introducethree new programme sections to replace the Main Programme Features and HubertBals Fund Harvest sections during its upcoming 34th edition (Jan 26 - Feb 6,2005).

'Cinema of the Future: Sturm und Drang' groups films bypromising talents and offers an overview of recent developments withinindependent film-making.

'Cinema of the World: Time & Tide' brings together filmsthat reflect the festival's social and political awareness or show the humancondition in a film's regions of origin.

The 'Maestro's: Kings & Aces'-section will feature thework of the more established auteurs.

Together, the new sections comprise around 100 features anddocumentaries.

IFFR director Sandra den Hamer explained: "The threesections represent the IFFR's main strands of interest: young and innovativefilm-making, the commitment to global developments and the 'cinema d'auteur'.

Meanwhile, one of the thematic sections of the festival willbe 'S.E.A. Eyes', presenting new films by the most promising film-makingtalents from the South East Asian region.

And Dutchfilm Paradise Girls by FowPyng Hu has been selected for Rotterdam's VPRO Tiger Awards Competition.

Selected as Film-maker in Focus, France's Benoit Jacquotwill receive a tribute programme covering a selection of his film andtelevision oeuvre along with a screening of his feature A Tout De Suite (2004).