Philippe Rousselet hasannounced a slate of new projects from Paris-based Films de la Suane andUS-based EMC.

EMC, a partnership betweenRousselet and Andrew Niccol, is producing LordOf War and preparing Manhattan Bravea $25 million coming of age story for 2005. Heath Ledger is in talks to star.Niccol will direct.

Also being developed is $50million film based on the true story of Michael Pardue, wrongly convicted ofmurder in Alabama but serving a life sentence for escape. Niccol will scriptbut not direct.

Rousselet says EMC istalking to investors to facilitate production of three films per year with50-60% of the budgets equity financed.

In France, Etienne Colmarhas joined Rousselet as in-house producer at Films de la Suane. Projects are Les Parrains from director FredericForestier, a Euros 12.5m adventure comedy to shoot in September with GerardLanvin, Gerard Darmon and Jacques Villeret.A deal for international sales is in talks with Europa and TF1 International.

Cassablanca Driver director Maurice Berthelemy will shoot Papa in September with Alain Chabat in the lead. Euros 5m dramaticcomedy is a tale of fathers and sons.

The Concertfrom Radu Mihaileanu will shoot in English with Jonathan Pryce and PetePostlethwaite. Films de la Suane is partnering with Judy Baines of the UK's DanFilms while discussions are ongoing with Italy's Cattleya for the film.