Manhattan PicturesInternational, the New York-based US independent which bought domestic rightsto Michael Apted's Enigmaand Jean-Luc Godard's In Praise Of Love, has resurfaced, taking all North American rights toAlan Rudolph's Toronto festival hit The Secret Lives Of Dentists.

The deal was closed by ShaunRedick of ICM and attorney Andrew P Hurwitz of Epstein, Levinsohn, Bodine,Hurwitz & Weinstein on behalf of producer George Van Buskirk of HolediggerFilms and Paul E Cohen, president of Manhattan Pictures, who founded the company in January 2001.

The film was widely praisedafter its world premiere at Toronto and surprised critics who had pannedRudolph's last few films Investigating Sex, Trixieand Breakfast Of Champions.

It stars Campbell Scott andHope Davis as two married dentists whose comfortable suburban life is shatteredwhen he witnesses her in clinch with another man. Denis Leary also stars asScott's altar ego whose ironic insights help Dave prepare to confront hiswife.

"It wasincredibly important to us that our distributor be passionate about ourfilm," says VanBuskirk in a statement. "Paul and the people atManhattan exhibited this on every level and with their multimillion dollar commitmentto the film we are thrilled that The Secret Lives of Dentists has such a fantastic home."

Campbell Scott co-producedthe film with Van Buskirk; executive producers were Bruce Cowen, Martin Garvey,Michael Lauer and David Newman. The script was written by Craig Lucas (PreludeTo A Kiss, Longtime Companion).