On-again, off-again British heist film Red Light Runners got another greenlight yesterday when sales and financing operation IAC Film stepped in to rescue the troubled production.

Shooting had ground to halt four weeks into principle photography when an investor pulled out, but IAC's Mike Ryan said production would resume this weekend in London. The production has been repackaged with two equity sources, a bank and a sale and leaseback deal.

David Carradine has also joined the cast, which includes Michael Madsen, Harvey Keitel.

The UK-based film was about a month into its shoot when it was forced to close down two weeks ago. But the new package allows it complete another four weeks of shooting.

The story of a rogue CIA operative in London is being produced by Nigel Warren Green, Michael Wearing, Mark O'Sullivan and Marcus Vinton. Roy Scheider, Cillian Murphy, Crispin Glover, Rich Hall, Kate Ashfield and Peter O'Toole also star in the project, which is directed by Nick Egan from a script by Ralph Brown.