The Very Best Movie 3D, one of the first Russian productions to be filmed in 3D, is released theatrically in Russia today.

The film is the newest instalment in the Very Best Movie comedy franchise, which parodies recent Russian blockbusters.

It is also the first production in the world to make use of the Phantom 65 and 3D lenses complex.

According to executive producer Dmitry Shutko, he was attracted to the innovative system because it was “light, portable, very easy-to-use, and promised the advantages of significant time, and thus budget, economy.”

The Phantom 65 and 3D lenses complex, which consists of adapted 3D lenses combined with a Phantom 65 digital camera with a unique 65mm matrix, was developed by the Moscow Cinema Equipment Design Bureau.

Producer Paul Herth said: “After The Very Best Movie first two parts’ success, we were looking to continue working on this franchise, but we had to find some new feature to attract the audience, and to differentiate the movie from the previous parts. And then suddenly we found it! Comedy Club Production jokes are very dimensional, so why not try making a comedy in 3D?”

“This new technology could provide Comedy Club Productions with new instruments to demonstrate their humour and talents on the screen,” added Michael Schlicht, producer and partner at Monumental Pictures.

The Very Best Movie 3D is co-produced by Monumental Pictures (Sony Pictures Entertainment and Columbia Pictures’ Russian production arm) and Comedy Club Production.