Sergei Bodrov Jr is missing, feared killed, after being caught in an avalanche in Southern Russia on Saturday.

The 30 year-old star, who was most recently seen in his father Sergei Bodrov's Venice competition film The Bear's Kiss, was filming near the village of Karmadon, North Ossetia, on Friday when a massive chunk of the Maili Glacier broke free from the Caucasus mountains. The glacier provoked a tidal wave of mud, snow and ice.

By Sunday 24 people were confirmed as dead and a further 80 were still missing. The Interfax news agency reported that nine of Bodrov's 58-member film crew on The Messenger had been found alive. The fate of the star remained unknown.
Bodrov Jr, known for his good looks and action-movie daring, has appeared in eleven features including East-West, the hits Brat and Brat 2 and the recent War (Vojna) by Alexei Balabanov. He has made one film, Sisters, as writer-director.