Rutger Hauer and Michael York have joined the cast of The Hill And The Cross, currently in production in Katowice, Poland.

Director and visual artist Lech Majewski is approaching the film by creating a tableau vivant which recreates Peter Bruegel's painting of Jesus' crucifixion, The Way To Calvary.

Hauer plays Bruegel in the English-language film. York is cast as Bruegel's art-collector friend, banker Nicholas Jonghelinck. As previously announced, Charlotte Rampling portrays Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Majewski will finish shooting by December. A final version of the film will be ready next summer.

Majewski is self-producing the project with Swedish producer Freddy Olsson of Bokomotiv Filmproduktion. The main financiers are Polish public broadcaster Telewizja Polska, the Polish Film Insitute, and the regional Silesian Film Fund.