The Rutger Hauer FilmfactoryRotterdam Foundation will an eight-day masterclass ledby Rutger Hauer.

The Masterclass will be heldfrom Jan 24-Feb 1, 2007, to coincide with next year's edition of the International FilmFestival Rotterdam. During the masterclass, seven short films will be made andpremiered.

During this intensiveeight-day masterclass, actor and film-maker Rutger Hauer will share hisknowledge and experience with 36 ambitious film professionals from differentparts of the world. The participants will be divided into six production crewsof six people each. Each crew consists of a scriptwriter, director, DOP,producer, actor and editor.

The crews will start from anexisting script by The Hitcher writer Eric Red. In addition, each group willcreate a short film on the basis of a script of their own making. In additionto Hauer, various other film professionals of national or international standingwill be engaged to coach and advise the participants.

At the moment, 62-year-oldHauer is preparing his directorial debut feature Changing Fortunes, a drama set in occupied Holland during World War II.The $11.3m project isbeing put together as a UK/Dutch/Belgian co-production by Glasgow-based AlbaFilm Productions. Hauer is also in line to play a part in the film, based onthe true story of Walraven (Wally) van Hall, an unassuming banker who createdan ingenious funding scheme to support tens of thousands of people inNazi-occupied Holland. Pre-production is due to begin in early 2007.