AtlanticAlliance Pictures, a recently formed joint venture between two US producers anda third in the UK, has teamed up with Lew Rywin and his Heritage Films inPoland to produce its first feature Love Is A Survivor.

Heritagecollaborated with both Steven Spielberg on Schindler's List and with Roman Polanski on ThePianist, although Rywinhimself is currently facing criminal charges in Warsaw of corruption.

Love Is ASurvivor echoes Schindler's List and The Pianist in that it also deals with the Holocaust. It follows a youngJewish man named Herman Rosenblat who survived the war but loses his faith andhope only to have it restored by his love for a young woman.

AtlanticAlliance, which consists of Harris Salomon of New York-based ManhattanFilmworks, Matt Salzberg of New York-based Golden Fried Productions and ASirokh A of Sirokh Films in London, is in talks with Nicholas Hoult, who madehis film debut opposite Hugh Grant in last year's About A Boy, to play the young Herman in the film.

The project isbased on Rosenblat's soon-to-be-published memoir A Will To Survive andhas been scripted by Matt Salzberg. Atlantic Alliance plan to start shooting inPoland and the US in March 2004.