Currently starring in the stage musical Singin' In The Rain in Seoul, in which she plays a quirky young woman who befriends two brothers, Sa Hee seems made to play lively gamines.

'I'm doing a musical because it's fun and I wanted to do it, but ultimately I am interested in films,' says Sa, who has already appeared in supporting roles in three movies.

In the recent romantic comedy The Two Faces Of My Girlfriend, she steals a few mysterious scenes as the perfect-looking girlfriend of the main character's ex.

'I may look very feminine, but I'm actually tomboyish and outgoing. Maybe later on I would like to play a tragic heroine, but right now I'm looking for striking characters along the lines of My Sassy Girl,' she says.

'Cha Tae-hyun [from My Sassy Girl] is my ideal and I would love to work with him some day.'

As a child, Sa excelled at arts and athletics. She began modelling for magazines, and three years ago appeared on a TV dating programme. Since then, she has appeared on the popular hospital drama White Tower among others.

'What I like about acting is that you are put in situations you wouldn't normally be in,' says the 24-year-old. 'Circumstances that make your heart beat faster, and that makes me happy.

'I'm excited and nervous to be going to an international showcase like Star Summit Asia. I would just like to make sure people get to note there is an actress called Sa Hee, and that they get to know me comfortably and casually.'


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Radio Days (2007)
Dir: Ha Ki-ho
The Two Faces Of My Girlfriend (2007)
Dir: Lee Seok-hoon


Sweet Dreams
Dir: Jin Hyung-Tae